viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Manuscript Fountain Pens, Trio Italic and Master Italic

Today I want to talk about how to create calligraphy easily.
If you think that learning the art of calligraphy is difficult, you should reject that idea.
If you think you have to buy large quantities of materials and you are not sure if you should make the investment, reject that idea too.

Writing samples of Manuscript calligraphy pens

I insisted on using traditional pens until I discovered the comfort and cleanliness of using calligraphic pens with an ink cartridge. Not many preliminaries are needed to get down to work.

I'm going to show you a simple example of calligraphy in italics.
Italic writing is based on elliptical shapes. The letters have lateral compression, a slight forward tilt and bows emerging from the shaft. It is a very elegant and very easy script to achieve with some practice and proper pens. That's where the English company Manuscript makes life easier for everyone, because it has a number of specific pens which ensure that writing in cursive is almost effortless on our part.

The following sample is written with the Italic Trio pen. Do not tell me you do not like it?
This pen is suitable for handwriting, drawings, doodles etc. This cursive pen is a truly versatile and attractive one and is designed for daily use:
  • The rounded edges of the tip allow one to write and draw comfortably in all directions without losing a steady flow of ink
  • Favors a cursive style of writing that is more attractive and readable
  • The ergonomic triangular shape of the pen rests comfortably in the hand eliminating any stress or discomfort to accumulate over long periods of time  
Manuscript - Trio Italic Fountain pen

The black pen in the following picture is the Master Italic pen . It ensures smooth and continuous flow of ink. And just by keeping the tip at an angle of 45 degrees the pen allows you to add definition and style to everyday handwriting or go a step further beyond and make creations in italics.
Manuscript - Trio Italic Fountain pen

In the case of not knowing how to write in italics Manuscript has an area on its website called Projects and tutorials that are going to be helpful to learn or improve our writing:

Samples of calligraphy pens Manuscript
I hope you liked it.
You can have a look at their website here: Manuscript
And follow the link to their Twitter and Facebook profiles.
I will soon share with you more calligraphic pens from this brand.

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